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8/31/14 - Sitting in a rental house in Bella Vista, Arkansas, a transitional period between Colorado and Fayetteville.   I'm not undertaking too much musically while we try to get settled here.  I've been doing some guitar wood-shedding and keeping the songs practiced, but I'm not writing anything new.  Unless the universe simply tosses something my way, I'll wait until I can stretch out a little creatively.  For now, getting the website up and running, taking note of possible places to play and where to find some musical contacts once we make the move into town will have to do.  I've gone through periods of hiatus before and I no longer worry about them.   When the time comes, I'll prime the pump and eventually some clear water will flow. 

1/15/15 - Well, I obviously haven't been reporting much on musical happenings or anything else since my first blog entry.  We've moved from Bella Vista and are in the middle of house renovations in Springdale, Arkansas, living a stone's throw (literally) from Fayetteville.  That project is taking a great deal of time, but I'm trying to set aside some time daily for music and music business.  I've met and played with some wonderful musicians since moving here, have played out a little bit and hope to start lining up some house concerts and coffe house gigs come spring time.  

I've written a couple songs since the move, both "keepers" I think.  The first is "Song for My Daughter" which I uploaded to YouTube and will link to here on the site.  The second is "Arkansas, I Hear You Calling,"  and was inspired by the old Hank Snow tune, these days know as a Johnny Cash song, "I've Been Everywhere".  Snow's song was based on a song from Australia and a Colorado-based musician, Chuck Pyle did a Colorado song with a marvelous list as well.  I'd always wanted to try my hand at something similar.  I'll get it recorded and on-line sooner rather than later.

 One of my musical goals for 2015, at least two blog entries a month.  Check back regularly to see if I manage it!